Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IF Sneak Peek & Doodle-A-Day

So last week was a flop but the night is always darkest before the dawn. And so this week.... IS AWESOME!!!! This week's topic is TRAVEL and I immediately knew what I wanted to do! Usually I wait until I'm finished to show you the Illustration Friday drawing but this week I'm too excited to wait.
I will be adding color before the final image goes up for Illustration Friday, but don't you just love him?! I haven't decided yet but I think his name is either Lionel or Cecil... but it could be something else if anyone has an idea. I hope y'all enjoy him as much as I do, he looks pretty dapper in his driving cap and sweater vest; and always prompt with his trusty watch. =]

On a separate note, I am starting what I would like to call Doodle-a-Day. It is basically an accelerated version of Illustration Friday. Each day I'm going to draw a one word topic from a jar of options and do a sketch based on the topic. These are unlikely to be as developed as Illustration Friday but the goal is mostly to get me drawing everyday. Now... since these are quick little sketches, they may or may not turn out well enough to be posted publicly. But, I will probably post a couple each week so keep your eye out for some new doodles! And kicking it off is the word PAIN.

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