Monday, March 4, 2013


I am dreadful at up keeping blogs but as it seems most illustrators post consistently, I suppose I should get in the habit. So with the following posts (here's to hoping there are many) I intend to give you some insight as to what I do, show some sketches as well as completed works, and probably rant a bit too.

A bit of an introduction, I am a senior at Pittsburg State University pursuing my BFA in Commercial Art with emphasis in children's illustration. I graduate this spring and am anxious to get out into the wonderful (albeit difficult) world of illustration. It wasn't until this last year of my degree that I really discovered my passion for children's illustration but I am working hard to make up for lost time. Recently I started working with drawing children which I had previously avoided like the plague (out of sheer fear of failure) but I am finding them to be delightful. More images to come within the following weeks.

To kick off the posts here's an image I am currently working on....

...I must admit, I totally did this as a child!